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The Journey…..

Way back 2006 in Marikina Polytechnic State College, we are one of the participants attending the Orientation workshop on the New Curriculum called Career Pathways Technology and Livelihood Education for General High School. At first I don’t have clear ideas what is all about the curriculum, but as the training workshop goes on I found out that the Challenge of the Curriculum is to maximize the potentials of curriculum change by linking it to increase student participation and improve the internal efficiency of the schools and provide opportunities for children to develop 21st Century Core Skills.

To produce graduates to be globally competitive, our curriculum must develop students the following competencies:

  • Learning how to learn;
  • Reading, writing, computing, listening, and oral communication skills;
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Personal management and initiative;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Working in teams or groups;
  • Basic technology skills; and
  • Leadership skills

Thus, this resources will help to produce graduates who are not only good at doing a particular job but those who can easily adapt and be flexible with their skills.

This is the third year of the implementation of the curriculum as a pilot school for this curriculum we have experiences and best practices that helps the new implementers implement the curriculum.

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